Lets not, and say we did. Shall we?

My name is Anna. I'm seventeen, and I want to be a social worker. Sometimes I feel resentment toward teenagedom, and that's why I have a tumblr. There's the long story, short version. I enjoy television programs, as well as cinematic masterpieces. Music is pretty much awesome as well. I really like the oldies. WHY DO YOU BUILD ME UP?! :) My passion is reading. All types of novels. Mystery, romance, coming of age, all types. I would also love any suggestions that you may have. I don't think you need makeup to be beautiful, and I don't think you need to be size 0 to be considered sexy. It's just your perspective upon yourself that matters. I love to give advice, and would love to make a difference in someone's life. So I'm here for anyone that needs someone to sypathize or empathize. page counter

Fill my mind with mindless thoughts.

90’s Apparel.

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